What makes Elijah the person he is today? 

Here are a couple clues:
    •    He grew up in the music and film business with a weirdo Dad and chef/artist Mom
    •    He lived in Soho in the 80s, but then moved to the woods when he was a kid.
    •    Moved back to NYU for art/film school the day he turned 18 (art instead of music because super useful *eyeroll*)
    •    Worked at Criterion Collection doing film and audio restoration on Gimme Shelter, Beastie Boys Anthology, The Rock! 
    •    He’s the loving father of two weirdos in Brooklyn


In his 18+ years in the music industry, Elijah has worked with brands such as BMW, Coca-Cola, eBay and TikTok and he’s collaborated with artists ranging from Questlove to Becky G, and Michael Bolton and has lent his talents to award-winning work for the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity as well as for the United Nations initiative HeForShe as well as The Ocean Agency. He is the Head of Creative Production at Found Objects based in Brooklyn. 


Elijah recently finished his first novel and is in development for directing and producing two documentary series while working full-time. He has written articles for the number one recording magazine TapeOp, BrandingMag, AdageAdweek, and more. 


CONTACT: elijahbtorn@gmail.com



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